Back to the history “DAY OF PEUGEOT 404” Skopje, 04.04.2019

 Back to the history “DAY OF PEUGEOT 404” In honor of the legendary model of the Peugeot brand on April 4th, 2019, a defile was held a to mark the "The Day of Peugeot 404", for the second time.

The defile began from Euroimpex, the Peugeot showroom at Bul: Treta makedonska brigada 72, and then continued towards the French Embassy, where an official press conference was held. On the press conference statements were given by:

  • - The French Ambassador, Mr. Christian Timonie,

  • - The Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Oliver Spasovski,

  • - The organizer of this event "Macedonian club Peugeot 404", Mr. Dean Shkaratov.

Euroimpex as a general importer of the Peugeot brand, is supporting this event with its own model Peugeot 404 as part of the driving defile and welcomes the owners of these models for their enthusiasm and sincere love and dedication to the brand and this model.

This event is certainly within the framework of activities organized around the world dedicated to the preservation of cultural and technological heritage. An exhibition of old timers, produced from 1968 to 1973, was exhibited in front of the French Embassy which is a supporter of this event.

The owners of the old timers, all emphasized that they still drive these cars despite the fact that they are fifty years old.

"These cars are the history of France and they are one of the most enduring in the world. I would like to emphasize that the number of tourists in Northern Macedonia is increasing in the summer months. They come mainly from EU member states and it is important to show that the principles of prudence are respected in this country "said Ambassador Timoni.

The Macedonian club Peugeot 404, as the organizer of the event, is composed of several owners of this rare and precious vehicle, which testifies about the level of culture and the status of our country in the past.
For the enthusiasm and efforts to maintain them in a technically good condition, they regularly receive recognition from home and abroad.

Interesting facts:

  • - The first Peugeot 404 was produced in the 1960s,

  • - In France were produced 1.85 million copies,

  • - In the world, approximately 2.9 million copies.

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