Euroimpex, local partner in International project within the program Erasmus + Skopje, 19.04.2019

 Euroimpex, local partner in International project within the program Erasmus + Euroimpex has been cooperating with the Vocational Secondary School ASUC Boro Petrusevski - Skopje for several years, within the Erasmus + program.

This year Euroimpex provided five months’ preparation of the students in order to make it easier for them to get involved in the work process during a practical training within the project "Connection of the theoretical and practical training in the field of automechanics".

The students were fully prepared and they had practical training in the vehicle services in Ljubljana, and also in the school workshops at the partner school in Ljubljana, in the period from March 17, 2019 to March 31, 2019.

Of particular importance was the fact that during the practical training in Ljubljana, the students recognized the connection between the theoretical and practical training that was implemented in the school and in the service centers for vehicles, and also they learned the way to organize a practical training. They worked with modern equipment and tools, and with the most modern vehicles.

The mentors in Ljubljana who had the final word and the final opinion about the students, emphasized their positive impressions of the readiness of the students to actively engage in the work process and successfully and responsibly carry out their tasks. This means that Euroimpex achieved its goal and contributed to the successful realization of the project.

There were also the teachers of vocational subjects who were representatives of ASUC Boro Petrusevski and they were accompanying the students. Their aim was to gain experiences and to use them in the country. The most important are the experiences they got regarding the organization of the practical training of the students in the school workshops and in the service centers for vehicles, which will be used at the long-term social partner Euroimpex.

Euroimpex is a great importance for the development of the automotive industry in the country, primarily due to the fact that through these projects the service centers for vehicles get a highly qualified workforce and through the practical training abroad increase the level of professionalism of the students, individual professional development, and also get high appreciated and internationally recognized certificates.

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