Exhibition of vehicles ASUC “Boro Petrushevski” Skopje, 14.05.2019

 Euroimpex at Open day with presentation for the students On 12.5.2019, at the polygon of Secondary Vocational Education School a traditional exhibition of vehicles was held for the 5th time in the city of Skopje, organized by AMK ASUC, which is a part of the school.

At the event there were vehicles of several categories: factory vehicles, old timers, young timers, tuned vehicles, vehicles for a special purpose, with special sounding and others, and the number of vehicles reached over 200.

Euroimpex participated at the event, this year also with gifts for the awarded, and also exhibited two vehicles in the category of old timers from its range.

The exhibited vehicles were: Peugeot 404 from 1970 and Peugeot 204 from 1972, which with their quality and timeless beauty attracted attention of the large number of visitors who came at the event.

The long-term cooperation between Euroimpex and the school was successful again and with a goal to continue in the future, while realizing new projects together.

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