Spectacular connection of the past and the future
X th international exhibition of historical vehicles and Peugeot test drive
Skopje, 15.06.2015

X th international exhibition of historical vehicles and Peugeot test drive Spectacular event, with a perfect connection of the past and future has been held at "Euroimpex", General importer for Peugeot vehicles in the country and the region. The historical old timers and a test drive of Peugeot models have moved the citizens towards both Peugeot Blue Boxes.

The exhibition was officially opened by presenting the exposed programs and giving a respect to all exhibitors of historical vehicles. The youngest were very happy because the host has prepared color books specially designed for them with historically and new Peugeot vehicles.

"What was agreed with the exhibitors at the meeting last year, was realized this year. The evaluation of the vehicles has been done by expert jury committee composed of professionals. Its members are:
          - Mr. Vasil Stamboliski, President of the Commission for Historical Vehicle
          - Mr. Tomislav Biljarac -Member of the Commission
          - Mr. Mojsije Milosavljevski - Member of the Commission
          - Mr. Cane Kostovski - Member of the Commission
          - Mr. Jovce Stefanov - Member of the Commission.

This year:
          - The oldest exposed vehicle is Fiat Topolino, produced in 1936.
          - The oldest Peugeot vehicle is Peugeot 404, produced in 1968.
          - The oldest motorcycle of this exhibition is motorcycle Yawa, produced in 1930.
stated Mr. Dimitrije Pelivanov, delegate of the X-th international exhibition of historical vehicles and Director of AMK Jeep rally sport.

“Never change a winning team. It is our great honor that we have again the possibility to organize an event of such a character. The event will have a dual character - Visitors will have an opportunity through historical vehicles to "go back through time," but to have a look in the "future" testing the new Peugeot models. All this, again has its symbolism - the history of the "old timers" are connected with the history of our company... In this 2015, we mark 25 years of effective operation of Euroimpex. For these 25 years, we have realized a lot of successful projects. - Stated Ivana Manceva, Marketing Director at Euroimpex and added:

“The Peugeot test center is located in front of the showroom entrance and the professional team of Euroimpex is available for all curious and potential clients. We have exposed the program of professional tuning, the visitors can take a comparative test drive of a tuned vehicle and untuned one, as well as the Total lubricants program, and the visitors have the opportunity to see a presentation of windscreen reparation. "

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