Tehnoma 2015 From 13.10.2015 till 17.10.2015, the 41-st International Fair of Metallurgy, Electronics, Energy, Non-Metals, Construction, Security and Protection - "TEHNOMA" was held in Skopje.

Our company Euroimpex, was one of the exhibitors on the fair. The exhibited brands were located in Hall 3, which were:

BANNER BATTERIES - Austrian Company with an international reputation. More than 17 years Banner Batteries with the famous symbol -BULL, meet the high quality standards.

The Banner batteries guarantee authentic functionality; offer the highest degree of quality which is a result of long term experience and innovation.


MILWAUKEE is the leading manufacturer of industrial hand electric and cordless tools and accessories, intended for difficult conditions of operation for professional users worldwide.

BAHCO is a pioneer in tool ergonomics and first scientific approach to the construction of the same.

AEG POWERTOOLS recognizable brand with a long tradition and well accepted on the Macedonian market.

IRIMO is synonym for trusted quality, functionality and safety in hand tools more than 80 years. The professionals choose them because they believe in them!

By using the same, the consumers receive a reliable quality, durability, accessibility, functionality and safety for use in the metal, automotive and construction industry.


Tuning understands upgrading of a long experience in diagnosing and servicing the vehicles. And for even greater safety, each software before its installation in the vehicle was previously tested in the same type of vehicle.

ALIENTECH is an Italian company that works on the improvement and correction of files for standard and racing cars since 1991. Thanks to the devices and software developed by a highly qualified engineering team, today Alientech is one of the reference companies in the “chip tuning".

CSS PERFORMANCE TUNING is a result of a long-term research, development and experience in automotive technology.

RAGAZZON - Through the exhausts of Ragazzon, the client not only receives modification of the sound, but also improvement of the performances (from 5 to 15 HP depending on the vehicle). Typical for these exhausts is their performing which is characterized by very little welded joints on Inox material, which is a general strategy of this brand.

VOGTLAND – Vogtland Sport springs are manufactured by special materials, steels with high firmness and using the process of cold curving. This allows reduction of the weight, which contributes for efficient reduction of the weight of the vehicle for better performances.

Japanese brand for tires with high performances TOYO TIRES, of wich Euroimpex recently has become General importer for Macedonia – Toyo Tires is equivalent to the Japanese technology and is a brand with a reputation and top quality, as proving the long list of car brands in which Toyo tires are the first fitting.

world producers of rubber with its own branches or companies advocates in over than 100 countries worldwide. At this moment the company has more than 6,000 employees and was established 70 years ago, in1945. The headquarters of the Group is located in Osaka in Japan. And, in Europe, Toyo Tires has been present more than 40 years, based in Willinch, Germany.

A large number of visitors became acquainted with all new products of the listed brands, were they could have all the necessary information for their use and the prices.

The visitors were also able to get some of the large number of promotional (printed) materials such as: catalogues, leaflets and flyers.

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