Humanitarian tennis tournament Rotaract Open 2015
Peugeot & Rotaract Club Skopje
Skopje, 22.06.2015

Humanitarian tennis tournament Rotaract Open 2015 Today, a humanitarian tennis tournament "Rotaract Open 2015 vol.6." was held. The Rotaract Club Skopje in cooperation with Euroimpex, General importer of Peugeot for Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, Skopje organized a humanitarian tennis event. Rotaract members, Rotarians and Rotaract Club Skopje friends gave their support to the personal development of the children from the Association for protection of the children rights, housed in the "Day Center for children from the street," Suto Orizari.

"Carrying out of this humanitarian tennis tournament, our goal is to stimulate other participants of the society development and directly to the children, at the age between 14 to 18 from the "Day Center for children from the street", to provide additional training and additional education by which we will assist the same to access the labor market and to exercise their right for qualified employment and equality.”- Stated Darko Antik, president of the Rotaract club, Skopje and added: "It is well known that Rotaract club Skopje is a citizen organization founded and guided by young enthusiasts at the age from 18 to 30, that are gathered every week in order to exchange new ideas, plan activities and projects targeted for assistance and support of the community and improvement of the society. Today for the 6th time, the humanitarian tennis tournament "Rotaract Open" has been held, which this year has been organized together in cooperation with Euroimpex - Peugeot. "

"Today, tennis was played for the children of "Day Center for children from the street". We are talking about children who live in marginalized environment and in difficult socio-economic conditions that really need a help for realization of their personal development. – stated Ivana Manceva, Marketing Manager at Euroimpex and added: Euroimpex this year marks 25 years of its existence and successful development in the country as well as in the region. For all these years, one of the basic objectives of the company is the care for its employees, but also for exterior concerned parties. All that is in direct correlation with the possibilities but Euroimpex does not lose its focus and strives to stay a positive example for the others".

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