PROFESSIONAL TUNING OF ALL BRANDS OF VEHICLES Professional software tuning of vehicle has been available in "Euroimpex" since February 2014 with CSS Professional Tuning software from Slovenia and Alientech from Italy. For increasing the power of the vehicles with this software, a guarantee is obtained while the vehicle is in driving condition.

The professional operation and successful representation of CSS Professional Tuning software from Slovenia and Alientech devices from Italy, led to increasing the field of operation in the sphere of tuning and "Euroimpex" as a general representative upgraded its offer with the Italian brand Ragazzon for a high class of sports exhausts and the German brand Vogtland for high-performance suspension.

Now, we can offer much more for tuning lovers and thereby, at the same time clients receive maximum quality and professional performance. Through the exhausts of Ragazzon, the client not only receives modification of the sound, but also the improvement of the performance (from 5 to 15 HP depending on the vehicle). What is important for these exhausts is their production, which is characterized by very few welded connections on stainless steal material, which is a general strategy of this brand.

Vogtland springs provide superior quality and performance of the suspension. It is a renowned and well-known brand to the public with more than 100 annual traditions.

When the professional tuning of vehicles is mentioned, "Euroimpex" is the first company in Macedonia which allows comparative test driving, which is particularly important when it comes to categories of products as a software tuning is.

On Saturday (16th May), the visitors of the event had an opportunity to test and compare. The present, had a chance to drive "The car of the year for 2014" in Europe, Peugeot 308 in two versions: not tuned vehicle, with 1.6 engine and 92 hp and tuned vehicle with the same engine but which has received 115hp, built in Ragazzon exhaust and Vogtland springs suspension, that sticked the vehicle to the ground for additional 2cm.

"Euroimpex" is a company that already records 25 years of development in our country. Often it is mentioned as General importer of Peugeot in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, but besides it is a matter of serious representative of Total lubricants, Banner batteries and four brands of tools. The company operates in two locations in presentable facilities by the standards of the Peugeot automobile brand.

"Euroimpex", in the service center at st. Skupi bb in Skopje, performs maintenance and professional tuning of all brands and models of vehicles.

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