Xth international exibition of historical vehicles and Peugeot test drive Skopje, 09.06.2015

Xth international exibition of historical vehicles and Peugeot test drive "Euroimpex", General importer of Peugeot in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, this year too, is a host of the Xth jubilee of the international exhibition of historical vehicles. The event will take place on Saturday, the 13th of June, beginning at 11 am at “Euroimpex". The organizers, „Euroimpex” and "AMK Jeep Rally Sport", have announced a rich program and enjoyment for the visitors. The event will have a dual character – the visitors will have an opportunity, through the historical vehicles, to "turn backwards", but also to look in the "future" testing the new Peugeot models.

“The exhibitors, as well as the visitors, have highly evaluated the last year's event. So, this year we want and of course we have an obligation to improve the event and to offer the visitors much more...
I would like to point out, that we as a host, have an honor to organize this event at our company, and it is a second year in a row. All this, again has its symbolism - the history of the "old timers" is connected with the history of our company... This year – 2015, we have marked the 25th anniversary of successful operation of Euroimpex. For these 25 years, we have realized a lot of successful projects. At the event on Saturday, we will offer something for everyone.” - Said "Mr. Kiril Voinovski, General Manager of Euroimpex.

The organization highly respects the rules of the International Federation FIVA and at the exhibition; each exhibited vehicle is produced before 13.06.1985 – that is, older than 30 years. At the same time, each exhibited vehicle should be maintenance in original condition or restored equal to the original.

“Never change a winning teamstated Mr. Dimitrije Pelivanov- President of AMK Jeep Rally Sport, delegate of the X-th International Exhibition of historical vehicles and added:
The Last year's event was announced as - the best exhibition so far, it was very difficult to overcome the high standards. This year’s event will dispose many more historical vehicles - originals that will take us back through time. It is my pleasure, officially to inform you that on Saturday at this location, 70 vehicles and 20 motorcycles will be exhibited.

It is an honor to point out that at the 10-th International exhibition of historical vehicles, 11 vehicles will be of Peugeot brand and other vehicles will be from other brands. At the last year’s meeting between the exhibitors and organizers, we have accepted the exhibitors’ suggestion and we have established a Commission for evaluation of the vehicles.”

The Commission is composed of professionals, and it is comprised of:
          - Mr. Vasil Stamboliski, President of the Commission for Historical Vehicle
          - Mr. Tomislav Biljarac -Member of the Commission
          - Mr. Mojsie Milosavljevski - Member of the Commission
          - Mr. Cane Kostovski - Member of the Commission
          - Mr. Jovce Stefanov - Member of the commission."

"Beside the exhibition of historical vehicles, the visitors are invited to a test drive of Peugeot models. The visitors will have an opportunity to take a test drive of: Peugeot 208, the European car of the year - 2014 Peugeot 308, 301, 2008, 3008, 508, 508 SW.
Also, we will expose the professional tuning and the brands that we represent. The visitors will have the opportunity to take a comparative test drive between tuned vehicles and untuned / engine 1.6 with 92 hp and 115 hp. We will also exhibit the program of Total-lubricants, and the colleagues from body-work department will present the procedure for reparation of the windscreen. Euroimpex, this year too, is preparing a special surprise for the youngest visitors."
Stated Ivana Manceva, Marketing Director at “Euroimpex".

The organization, proudly announces, the exhibition of the following models:
          ✓ The oldest exhibited vehicle will be Fiat Topolino, produced in 1936.
          ✓ The oldest Peugeot vehicle will be Peugeot 404 produced in 1968.
          ✓ The oldest motorcycle in this exhibition will be motorcycle Yawa, produced in 1930.
          ✓ This year, for the first time, we will have a new participation from the neighborhood. From Kosovo, Peugeot 304 cabriole will be exhibited.
          ✓ Also this year, for the first time cups will be awarded, namely, for 3 best vehicles of the exhibition, and for 3 best Peugeot vehicles.
          ✓ The exhibition of historical vehicles will be enriched with old timer - historic buses and historical firefighting vehicle.

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