"Euroimpex" - a new exclusive importer for Kosovo Skopje, 12.01.2015

Euroimpex - a new exclusive importer for Kosovo The Macedonian automotive company "Euroimpex", from the beginning of this year, became a new exclusive importer of Peugeot brand for Kosovo. As a reminder, commencing of 01st of July 2014 except for Macedonia, "Euroimpex” grew into a General importer and distributor of Peugeot brand for Serbia and Montenegro. So, with the latest representation, "Euroimpex" is a company responsible for the Peugeot brand for four countries in the region that represents a great challenge and a serious obligation towards the Principal.

"We are living in a historical moment for "Euroimpex" as well as the Peugeot brand. The markets Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo in which we begin to operate, according to Daniel Voinovski, General manager of "Euroimpex" are completely different among themselves and also from the Macedonia market. This demands multiplication of our efforts and investments in conquering the region, development and stability. Now, we represent the Peugeot brand among the population larger than 11.500.000 which is a very serious figure. We attempt, to justify the trust given by Automobiles Peugeot, trough the achieved results”. The primary objective of the company is to form a strong sales- service network so that, according to the highest standards, the focus will be on current and future owners of Peugeot vehicles.

"As a company, we are focused on potential buyers and loyal to the clients and employment team of the company. We are not changing our goal; we continue our focus in the same way in all markets where we represent the Peugeot brand. At the end of last year, we were assigned a recognition for Superbrands, which recognition itself says a lot for the steps and development of "Euroimpex". Ahead of us is a great challenge and responsibility, consider Kiril Voinovski, General Manager of "Euroimpex". But certainly we have the right tools. We represent an automotive brand which seriously develops more and more and currently operates with the youngest range ever, less than three years old. Peugeot is emphasized with a modern style, impeccable performance, precise efficiency and latest technology, which is highly valued by the potential clients. The bid is fascinating, we have models fitted with engines and equipment on levels that meet the most specific requirements. Peugeot is a brand which vehicles meet the needs of the pickiest clients. In its genes, it is engraved to conquer... It is not by chance that the lion is a symbol of the Peugeot brand!

Last year, the PSA Group changed its strategy, positioning the Peugeot brand on a higher scale by making a perfect joint between traditional and contemporary values. In order to ensure its development, Automobiles Peugeot made a decision to implement a regional strategy for import and distribution of its vehicles in the Balkan countries. After analyzing the various business-project movements that were presented by more candidates, Automobiles Peugeot decides to select "Euroimpex” as its further partner because by that project the vision of the Peugeot brand for this region is demonstrated the best.