Euroimpex General Representative of CSS Professional Tuning Skopje, 11.02.2014

Euroimpex General Representative of CSS Professional Tuning  Euroimpex officialy became a General Representative of CSS Professional Tuning, with licensed software of Alientech from Italy, via the official representative of CSS Performance Tuning of Slovenia.

“Tuning of vehicles is upgrading of long term experience in diagnosing and servicing of vehicles by a professional team. Besides tuning, we also offer a diagnosis and servicing of your vehicle, as well as repair of motor computer units, computers for AIRBAG and other systems of auto electronic, which can be found in modern vehicles. The diagnosis is performed with various diagnostic devices, corresponding to each type of vehicle." - Stated Mr. Vasil Stamboliski, Manager of Service and sales.

"Your vehicle driving will be more flexible and energetic, and at the same time more economic. All this is due to the increase of torque. For vehicles with turbo charger of the engine, the torque is increasing from 20% to 40%, while for certain models even more. The consumption of fuel during normal driving is reduced to 0.5 liters / 100 km. If you are not satisfied with the tuning, the vehicle will be returned into previous condition." - Stated Mr. Zoran Temelkovski, technical advisor.

For more information visit FB/profesionalen.tjuning.