PROFESSIONAL TUNING IN MACEDONIA WITH COMPARATIVE TEST DRIVE  "Euroimpex" is the first company in Macedonia that provides comparative test drive. This weekend, the visitors of town Ohrid had an opportunity to test and compare. The present could drive “The car of the year" in Europe, the new Peugeot 308 in two versions: a version with 1.6 HDi engine with 92 hp which hasn’t been tuned and tuned vehicle with the same engine but with obtained 115 hp.

"We are the first company in Macedonia which provides comparative test drive to potential customers of a tuned and not tuned vehicle. Through this, they are able to see the difference and to feel the improvement of the vehicle’s performance, such as: flexibility, agility and economy." - said Ivanа Manceva, Marketing Manager at “Euroimpex".

If you believe that your vehicle is in need of additional horsepower, be careful when choosing who will do it. "Euroimpex" gives a precise explanation, why to choose them...

"In "Euroimpex“we perform professional tuning for all brands of vehicles. Vehicles tuning with us is an upgrade of a long term experience in diagnosing and repairing vehicles. Impressive is the moment that, any software before installing into the vehicle has been previously tested on another vehicle of the same type. For each completed software modification, the client gets a warranty as long as the vehicle is in running condition! We work with licensed software through CSS Performance Tuning from Slovenia and we are their General Representative in Macedonia. The Software that we offering is already present in 20 countries in Europe and the company CSS Performance Tuning from Slovenia, as well as "Euroimpex" works according to the standard ISO 9000:2008. I believe that the "weight" of these few elements, gives sufficient impression why and how we will perform this new service for you. " – said Mr. Zoran Temelkoski Technical Advisor.

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