Euroimpex, as a small trade company for import - export, was founded in 1990. It starts its operation very modestly with only three employees and in rented premises.

After the independence of Macedonia, Euroimpex is the first private company which operation is oriented towards the trade of cars and motor vehicles of light category.

The cooperation with Automobiles Peugeot began with the first import of cars in 1992. The models of the big Peugeot arrived in Macedonia, successfully handling with the heavy traffic down the cities and elegantly distinguishing from the participants with undifferentiated style.

TODAY Peugeot has ITS HOME for a family of several thousandths in Macedonia.

  • 1993 – Euroimpex becomes a distributer of Sandvik and Bahco hand tools from Sweden;
  • 1994 – a year when Euroipmex begins to function as general importer of Peugeot vehicles in Macedonia. The same is a result and award of the successful operation and the effort made on the Macedonian market in the previous years;
  • 1996 – signs Agreement for distribution Total lubricants, a world-famous oil company. A new challenge but great responsibility too;
  • 1997 – opens Service department for maintenance and servicing of Peugeot cars as a part of the strategy for improvement and raising the service level and quality;
  • 1998 – starts the construction of Sales and service center according to Peugeot standards. Its opening was in September, 2000;
  • 2000-2004 are years of full organization in relation to completing teams in the departments, efforts for continuous increasing of market share at the automobile market, as well as improving and expanding the network (14 dealers cover the territory of Macedonia). In 2001, Euroimpex as an exclusive importer for the Macedonian market begins the placement of Irimo tools from Spain.
  • 2005 – expanding of hand tools program and celebration of 5 successful years of bestselling car brand in Macedonia; In December, the same year, Euroimpex officially started the operation of General Importer for Banner batteries;
  • 2006 – a number of 10.000 sold Peugeot vehicles was reached, as well as the same number of satisfied customers;
  • 2006 November - begins the construction of a new body-shop center. Its opening was in 2008;
  • 2007 – as general importer, Euroimpex starts the import and sales of Milwaukee tools from USA.
  • 2008 – Euroimpex introduces ISO 9001:2000 standards;
  • 2010 – year when Euroimpex records 20th anniversary of the company foundation and starts placement of AEG tools from Germany;
  • 2010 – completes the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 standards;
  • 2010 – Fulfilling all parameters and project proposal for development and investment, „Euroimpex“has been entrusted a concession for hunting area “Nidze” since 2010, as well as for the next 20 years;
  • 2011 – Euroimpex records 15 annual jubilees as a general importer of Total lubricants;
  • 2013 – winner of the recognition Superbrands 2013/2014;
  • 2014 – general representative of CSS Performance Tuning in Macedonia, Slovenia;

  • 2014 - “Euroimpex” becomes a General importer and distributer of the brand Peugeot in Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro;

  • 2015 - Euroimpex as a general representative upgraded its offer with the Italian brand Ragazzon for a high class of sports exhausts and the German brand Vogtland for high-performance suspension;

  • 2015 - Euroimpex becomes a General importer and distributer of the brand Peugeot in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo;

  • 2015 – Year when Euroimpex records 25th anniversary of the company foundation;

  • 2015 - Euroimpex becomes a General importer for Toyo Tires, Japan;

  • 2016 - Euroimpex becomes a General importer and distributer of the brand Peugeot in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania;

  • 2016 - Euroimpex becomes a General importer for the motor oil Valvoline;

  • 2017 – implementation of ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards;
  • 2018 – a number of 20.000 sold Peugeot vehicles was reached, as well as the same number of satisfied customers
  • 2018 – Euroimpex becomes a General Importer and distributor of the brand OPEL in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania; This success crowned the 30th anniversary of Euroimpex that we celebrated this year.

Through all these years, through continuous dealing with external and internal factors that influenced the operation, as well as through the process of active learning, Euroimpex grew into high-positioned company at the market and continuously present in the list of 200 most successful companies in Macedonia.

Euroimpex operates in its own business center, which has been designed according to Peugeot standards. There are 79 employees. For this big family, the company provides working conditions at the highest level, trainings for upgrading the employees knowledge - appropriate for each field, applies motivation measures and etc. Simply, Euroimpex takes care for each team member. Only healthy working environment and satisfied team can contribute to flexible approach towards problematic situations and realization of serious success in the operation.


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